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 Directions to Agape' Farm
 To Agape' Farm Main Entrance : From the Pennsylvania Tpk, Exit 180 McConnellsburg/Mt. Union, take Rte.522 North for 26 miles to Shirleysburg. Continue 1/2 mile, cross over bridge, immediately turn left onto Keystone Road (Lr31029). Continue 3.1 miles to Agape Farm Main Entrance. Note the Main Entrance is normally closed except during large events.

 To Campground :
Follow the directions above to the Main Entrance, pass Main Entrance, turn left onto Spidertown Road (T348) for 1 mile. Turn right onto Hallelujah Highway, proceed 1/2 mile to campground.

 From Mount Union : Take Rte. 522 South for 6 miles to the bridge. Do NOT cross bridge. At north end of bridge, turn right onto Keystone Road (Lr31029), continue 4 miles to Agape Farm.

For general directions to Shirelysburg area please use the tool below.
Directions to Agape' Farm