Isaiah 30:15

“In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it”

-Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel

Our Vision

The existence of Jesus Ministries is to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ through the stewardship of Agape Farm. The Body of Christ can utilize the property to evangelize, teach, train, disciple, build, rebuild, and refresh for the expansion for the Kingdom of God. This is achieved while interacting, in a Christ-like manner, with the surrounding community by: purchasing products and services from our local businesses, visiting neighbors and local churches, sponsoring local Christian events; and performing outreach for the local expansion of the Kingdom of God.

Our Mission

  • Practicing the presence of God such that others will feel the presence of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit; and God, the Father, when at Agape Farm.
  • Developing and maintaining wholesome Christ-like relationships between members, showing others by example what it means to be Christian.
  • Facilitating events that promote evangelism, teaching, and discipline of the Body of Christ.
  • Providing Christ-like safe environment and activities for families
  • Striving to achieve a responsible balance between the physical, spiritual, and financial aspect of the ministry before God.
  • Mediating sufficient business activities that support the vision and ministry of Jesus Ministries.


The establishment of Agape Farm is a simple story of two men’s complimentary visions and dreams, combined with the hard work of many stewards.

The idea of starting Jesus Ministries came from the big Jesus movement of the early 70’s where the concept for a “Christian Woodstock” was born. Harold Zimmerman and John Musser two gentlemen from the Lancaster Pa area had an idea to start a Christian music festival (similar to Woodstock) in the Pennsylvania area. Through the Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship they met Don Shaffer of Mercer PA and together these three men combined their ministries (Agape Ministries and Jesus Ministries) to start Jesus Ministries Inc. and in 1973 the first Jesus festival was held in Morgantown Pa.

The festival continued for the next four years going between Morgantown and Mercer Pa. In 1977 God opened up a miraculous door and allowed these men to combine their monies and purchased a 285 acre farm in Shirleysburg Pa, half way between Mercer and Morgantown. Between 1977 and 1979 the buildings were erected on the farm including the hotel, kitchen and dining hall. The stage building was not built until 1984 and is still used today for smaller events and provides the loading dock for the Creation festival. The last year that the Jesus festival was held was in 1989 and since that time we have hosted the Creation Festival Northeast.



1972 The Concept of a “Religious Woodstock” (Explo ’72 – meaning spiritual explosion) was born in Dallas, Texas. The largest gathering of its kind – 75,000+ people, mostly high school and college students gathered to sing, pray, bible study, and feel inspired during the Jesus Movement; which a that time, was seeing growing interest among young people across the country. The attendees arrived in chartered buses and cars; staying at local hotels and pitching tents on the outskirts of town. Speakers and entertainment featured the Reverend Billy Graham, Johnny Cash, and professional athletes -including Roger Staubach, who spoke of their conversion processes and commitment to Jesus. This was just the beginning.

1973 1st Jesus Festival was held on a farm in Morgantown, PA

1974 2nd Jesus Festival was held in Mercer, PA

1975 3rd Jesus Festival took place, returning to Morgantown, PA

1976 4th Fourth Jesus Festival took place, returning to Mercer, PA

1975 -77 Agape Farm was purchased and developed with a campground, water and sewage systems, and a hotel for the purpose for housing the Jesus Festivals.

1977 Jesus Festival ‘77 was held for the first time at Agape Farm, with Tim Landis serving as Producer of the event. Most of the structures, including the hotel, were erected.

1984 Creation Festival ‘84 was held for the first time at Agape Farm; the Stage building was erected.

1989 Creation Festival ’89 was the last Jesus Festival.

Present At the present time, Agape Farm holds the Creation Festival annually, Community Fall Festival, 10 – 14 retreats, 4-6 scheduled work weekends, and Agape Farm Staff meetings.

We continue to grow and expand our services to meet the individual needs of our valued Guests.